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Smart Guard Protection is a rogue malware application which looks exactly same as a genuine Antivirus software. Smart Guard Protection is new variant of Antivirus Security Pro and these fake products are aggressively distributed by WinWebSec family.  Smart Guard Protection is distributed via forced downloads, hacked websites, email attachments and compromised downloads. If your computer is infected with this threat, It means that either you’ve downloaded something malicious off the Internet or this malware entered forcefully in your computer using browser exploits.

Once your computer is infected with Smart Guard Protection, you’ll start noticing very strange things happening in your computer. This malicious software will block everything including Task Manager, Registry Editor and other tools which you can use to remove this malware. You’ll see that Smart Guard Protection will start scanning your computer without your permission and tell you that lots of files are infected with dangerous malware. It will also tell you that to remove all threats from your computer you should buy full version of Smart Guard Protection and this is how these scammers make money. You may end up buying full version of this bogus antivirus and once you do that, It will stop showing any infections and tell you that everything is now alright.

Here is a screenshot of Smart Guard Protection doing bogus scans :


If you download pirated stuff from torrent websites, file sharing websites and other similar sources, then you should stop doing this right now. Downloads from these sources are often compromised with malware and you’ll need to pay more money in computer repairs later. On one hand, you’ll face serious troubles and other the other hand, you’ll also not get the product you downloaded illegally from file sharing websites.  Smart Guard Protection will show alerts like :

Warning! Infected file detected

Location: File System

Behavior description: Destroys and infects system files.

Warning! Infected file detected.

We strongly recommend activating full edition of your antivirus software for repairing threats.

Warning! Network attack attempt detected.

To keep the computer safe, the threat must be blocked.

Above warning messages are fake and they are just created to disturb you and make you believe that your computer is seriously infected. If you buy Smart Guard Protection without a second thought, your money is gone and your credit card details will also get into wrong hands. If you’ve already paid for the software in good faith, don’t worry and simply contact your credit card company to dispute the charge. Read next part of this guide to learn how to remove Smart Guard Protection easily and safely from your computer.

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