Smart Guard Protection Removal – How To Guide

Smart Guard Protection is a rogue malware application which looks exactly same as a genuine Antivirus software. Smart Guard Protection is new variant of Antivirus Security Pro and these fake products are aggressively distributed by WinWebSec family.  Smart Guard Protection is distributed via forced downloads, hacked websites, email attachments and compromised downloads. If your computer is infected with this threat, It means that either you’ve downloaded something malicious off the Internet or this malware entered forcefully in your computer using browser exploits.

Once your computer is infected with Smart Guard Protection, you’ll start noticing very strange things happening in your computer. This malicious software will block everything including Task Manager, Registry Editor and other tools which you can use to remove this malware. You’ll see that Smart Guard Protection will start scanning your computer without your permission and tell you that lots of files are infected with dangerous malware. It will also tell you that to remove all threats from your computer you should buy full version of Smart Guard Protection and this is how these scammers make money. You may end up buying full version of this bogus antivirus and once you do that, It will stop showing any infections and tell you that everything is now alright.

Here is a screenshot of Smart Guard Protection doing bogus scans :

Download SpyHunter NowIf you download pirated stuff from torrent websites, file sharing websites and other similar sources, then you should stop doing this right now. Downloads from these sources are often compromised with malware and you’ll need to pay more money in computer repairs later. On one hand, you’ll face serious troubles and other the other hand, you’ll also not get the product you downloaded illegally from file sharing websites.  Smart Guard Protection will show alerts like :

Warning! Infected file detected

Location: File System

Behavior description: Destroys and infects system files.

Warning! Infected file detected.

We strongly recommend activating full edition of your antivirus software for repairing threats.

Warning! Network attack attempt detected.

To keep the computer safe, the threat must be blocked.

Above warning messages are fake and they are just created to disturb you and make you believe that your computer is seriously infected. If you buy Smart Guard Protection without a second thought, your money is gone and your credit card details will also get into wrong hands. If you’ve already paid for the software in good faith, don’t worry and simply contact your credit card company to dispute the charge. Read next part of this guide to learn how to remove Smart Guard Protection easily and safely from your computer.

How To Remove Smart Guard Protection

Smart Guard Protection is developed by serious computer programmers having very deep knowledge of how Windows operating system works and how to attack on its vulnerability. This makes such fake software really malicious and difficult to remove from the computer.  We’ve downloaded and tested this malware on our test machines and It won’t let us run anything on the computer thus making the removal much harder. Though there is always a way to remove such fake products and we’ve discovered two removal methods which are very useful for removing Smart Guard Protection :

A) Automatic Removal

B) Manual Removal

Although you can use both removal methods according to your expertise level with computers but we recommend Automatic Removal method for over 90% of computer users because Its safe, easy and guarantees complete removal of the malware. On the other hand, manual removal method is only useful for highly skilled computer users because you need to do everything yourself and a wrong step can lead to more serious problems.

A) Automatic Removal Method

This removal method is the best and most recommended removal method to get rid of Smart Guard Protection. This removal method is fully automatic and all you need to do is Scan your computer and click a button to remove all the threats from your computer. This method is completely safe and your computer will return back to normal in minutes.  Even If you’re dealing with such problem for the very first time, you can easily remove the malware by following these very simple steps :

1. While Smart Guard Protection is running in your computer, It won’t let you run any sort of applications on your computer. For this reason, first you need to terminate this malware so that It can’t interfere with the removal process. To do that, you need to download Process Explorer and save it on Desktop with “explorer.exe” name.

Process Explorer is a free utility from Microsoft which works exactly as Task Manager. Please keep in mind that you must save Process Explorer as “explorer.exe” on your computer. This is because Explorer.exe is the name of a critical Windows process and Smart Guard Protection can’t terminate processes having this name.

2. After downloading, please double click on “explorer.exe” and this will launch Process Explorer. This software will show you a list of active applications in your computer. In this list, please find a application having really strange name, right click on that and select “End Process Tree”. Doing this will terminate Smart Guard Protection forcefully and now you can scan your computer without any interference.

Please note that rogue antivirus software is still in your computer and you must not reboot your computer before removing it completely, otherwise the malware will start running once again at startup.

3. . Now you need to download a genuine Anti-malware software to scan all files on your computer to remove the infected ones. To do that,  Click on Start—>Run, type ” and click OK button. This will start downloading Spy Hunter from our website. Alternatively, you can also click on this button to start the download :Download Spy Hunter Now

4. After downloading Spy Hunter, please install it in your computer and do a “Full Scan”. Spy Hunter will automatically discover Smart Guard Protection as well as all other malware threats hiding in your computer.

5. Once the scan is done, click on “Fix Threats” button to get rid of all the viruses from your computer. SpyHunter will also repair the registry as well as unblock all the legitimate applications automatically.

That’s it! As you can see, Automatic Removal method is very easy and guarantees complete removal of the malware. Even If the malware changes its files significantly, Automatic Removal method will always be successful because It scans all files on your computer.

B) Manual Removal Method

Manual Removal method is tedious, risky and can’t be followed by people who are not highly skilled with computers. Before you follow this removal method, please be aware that you need to find the infected files manually and If you delete anything based on your guesswork, you could get into more serious problem later. Therefore, please follow these removal steps at your own risk :

1. First of all, you need to terminate the malware from running. To do that, please follow the method described in Step No. 1 of Automatic Removal method.

2. After terminating the malware, you need to look for infected files in your computer. The malware usually creates its files in “Documents and Settings” folder. Though its location can be different and we suggest looking for infected files in this folder and delete them :

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\<Random File Name>\

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\<random>\<Random File Name>.exe

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\<random>\<Random File Name>.ico

It is not that easy to find the infected files and you should be very careful when you are trying to find the infected files as you are prone to making mistakes and this is why automatic removal method is way to go! That method automatically find the infected files and only bad files are removed from the computer.

3. After deleting the infected files, you also need to edit the registry and correct the entries which were manipulated by the malware. To do that, please click on Start—>Run, type “regedit” and click OK button. You need to correctly these registry entries :

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce “<random>” = “c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\<random>\<random>.exe”

Please be aware that registry is a core part of your computer and editing it incorrectly may cause irreversible damage to your computer. Therefore, before editing the registry, please be 100% sure about the changes you are making.

We recommend Automatic Removal method over anything because It is fast, safe, easy and guarantees complete removal of Smart Guard Protection. Automatic Removal Method also removes more malware from your computer which is hiding in your computer since quite some time and you don’t know about that. Always make sure to invest in a genuine security software to escape from heaps of troubles later. A small investment can be very beneficial for your computer in long run.

If you’ve any questions/concerns, please feel free to post them here.